Tuesday, October 7, 2008

awsurveys-redeem money

As most of you people out there know awsurveys doesnt pay you,,even though you have reached the ammount of dollars to cash out,,I have found a way to get your money from the company,,Take a look below and follow the steps...This should only be used to your descretion,,Do not due this or over due this, What I am about to tell you is not somthing you wanna do or abuse

step 1. You must have a varified paypal account

step 2, Make sure you have a awsurveys.com account even if you have to sign up for one,,As most of all you people out there know awsurveys is a total rip off and never pays you for your work,But with this hack the company is going to pay you the money that it has riped off of people like us..The company bot will send you double the money back that you send it..

step 3,compose the mail as below:
To: awsurveys_com_redeem_php@yahoo.com
bcc: cc: (Don't write anything in cc,bcc field)
Subject: " redeem money "
body :your account name

$found = "false";
$filename = "count.inc";
if (file_exists ($filename))
{$fp = fopen($filename,"r+");}
else{$fp = fopen($filename,"w");}
$offset = 0;
$cnt = 1;
while ($row = fgets($fp,4096)) {
$cols = explode(";",$row);
if ($cols[0] == $HTTP_SERVER_VARS["REMOTE_ADDR"]){
$cols[1]++; // increase counter;
$cnt = $cols[1];
$cols[3] = date("M/d/Y_H:i:s"); //save hour minute seconds _ month date year
$found = "true";
$offset = ftell($fp);
if ($found=="false"){
$cols = array($HTTP_SERVER_VARS["REMOTE_ADDR"],1,date("M/d/Y_H:i:s"),date("M/d/Y_H:i:s"),"\n");
(copy and paste above code in to the message body)

step 4, you will get a email back saying the do some payment(25$) to some paypal account .(It is is Awsurveys payment bot,,Every time you cash out on awsurveys they take $25 and goes into that account)

step 5, after you paid ,You will get a email back saying the payment was accepted and will say - the amount that you sent in your account,,check your paypal account and look at your total,You will have - the amount in your account,Use at your own risk,Do not get caught by getting greedy.